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Saturday, October 25 2014 @ 12:53 MDT

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Blog back up!

Jason ramblingAfter a server upgrade and migration, Evilness is back up! I hope to return to more regular blogging now that I'm not worried about migrating from the old server to the new one (OK, it's only taken over a year!).
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National day of honour for honouring Stephen Harper?

Jason ramblingStephen Harper has announced a National Day of Honour. Supposedly this is to honour those who fought and fell in Afghanistan. From various media reports it appears to be just another opportunity for prime minister Photo Op to appear to support the military without actually doing anything substantive.
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Hubble oops....

Jason ramblingI got tagged on Twitter to explain an apparent Hubble tracking error image. Since the explanation will take more than 140 characters, I've put it here. Image after the cut.
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On Public Goods

Jason ramblingI occasionally get what can best be described as evangelical libertarians following me or engaging with me on Twitter. Their fervour for their ideology borders on the same level as that of evangelical Christians to the point of denying any evidence to the contrary their beliefs. One case in point is the provision of public goods. In this case things get very strange indeed sometimes.
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Jon Lord – Absentee Candidate – Absentee Mayor?

Jason ramblingSo on my drive to work this morning I was listening to CBC's Calgary Eyeopener when they interviewed Calgary Mayoral candidate Jon Lord. Now Jon's a former alderman and MLA and has the dubious honour of being a Conservative candidate who's lost an election to a Liberal in Alberta. Now Jon's running for mayor since, based on his interview, the city is too busy spending money on services for citizens and not enough time lowering his taxes.
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Prorogue time again.

Jason ramblingSo our Maximum Leader Stephen Harper had decided to hit the reset switch on parliament again. This time, despite the crowing on the internet, the timing is similar to prorogations done by other PM's in the past. Yes some scandals are brewing, but proroguing Parliament isn't really going to detract from them.
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Jason ramblingSomehow I ended up on the federal Conservative party's email list. I would consider this a massive fail of their vaunted CIMS system since I've been a card-carrying New Democrat for years, but it does provide insight into the party and they reek of desperation so what the heck. The emails started showing up shortly after the rather ham-fisted Trudeau attack ads started showing up and usually demand money to help keep Trudeau at bay. Yesterday I received a rather different one.
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On temporary foreign workers and the market.

Jason ramblingThe Harper Conservatives have recently announced minor changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program in response to some very public abuses of the program by banks and other large corporations. It would seem the Tories have discovered that Canadians displaced by TFWs still get to vote in elections, whereas the 330,000+ TFWs in the country don't. Of course business screamed at the prospect of a reduction in the stream of developing world cheap labour, which is comical given the situation.
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Home builders try to buy themselves a city council.

Jason ramblingA local television station acquired a video secretly taped at a meeting of some of Calgary's home builders. In it the builder speaking basically states how with the generous spread of campaign dollars, they have three councillors in their back pockets and are trying to get at least five more. Further, he states that 11 of them have ponied up $100000 each to "bring Preston onside" with his Manning Centre and its candidate school.
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The Conservative's Justin Problem

Jason ramblingIf you've been living under a rock for the past week, Justin Trudeau was elected leader of the federal Liberal Party. Not that big of a surprise really, but at least it wasn't the coronation that Ignatieff received. So far this has proven to be a nightmare for the ruling Harper Conservative for a couple of reasons.
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