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Monday, January 26 2015 @ 01:26 MST

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When Windows makes Linux look easy...


Easy minimum 28 step – two hour process to install an astroimager driver on @Windows 8.1…

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Science - why we do it


Why do we do science? By this question I don't mean why does humanity do science, but why do individuals such as myself who call ourselves scientists do science? Generally we all mumble something about curiosity and wanting to know about the natural world, but as always Carl Sagan puts it much more eloquently that most of us. The following is from chapter 19 of Sagan's Demon Haunted World and gives the essence of why most scientists do what we do:

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That didn’t take long.

Alberta Politics

Back here I opined about the fact that Danielle Smith was basically done as Wildrose Party Leader. I figured that there would be a leadership review, the far right of her party would revolt and demand a far right leader and Smith would end up riding off into the sunset. Well things happened much faster than I thought and despite no leadership review it would seem that Smith and 8 of her fellow Wildrose MLA’s will head their own party off at the pass and head on over to the government benches.

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Ezra Levant loses a libel lawsuit, again...

Canadian Politics

At this point it's probably safe to say serial libeller Ezra Levant has been ordered to pay $80000 to a lawyer Ezra called "illiberal Islamic fascist”. Now this wasn’t Ezra’s first time in front of a judge for libel, as he was ordered to pay $57000 in another libel case he lost.

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Stick a fork in Danielle Smith…

Alberta PoliticsShe’s done… With two more of her legislative caucus leaving, this is only the latest hit to the Wildrose party under her leadership in recent months
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On thermodynamics and evolution

PhyiscsOften in my perusing of the internet, generally on Twitter, I come across some creationist espousing that the second law of thermodynamics as proof that evolution can’t possibly happen. Now anyone with a grasp of thermodynamics knows that this “argument” is a bunch of bovine scatology, but on Twitter it is hard to combat it more than with “the Earth isn’t a closed system”. With this in mind this post on what the laws of thermodynamics actually say and what they mean. Feel free to link here if you get the thermodynamics argument from a creationist.
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Where Ezra Levant wants to put your kids in the line of fire

Canadian PoliticsDarling of the Canadian right wing, Ezra Levant, has sunk to an even new low. In Ontario a school board has responded to the legitimate concerns for the safety of their children at public Remembrance Day events, has reasonably allowed those parents to send their children to closed activities at the children’s schools. That this was to happen to accommodate those concerns is outlined in a letter from the school board.
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Alberta by-elections 2014

Alberta PoliticsSo the votes are in for the four Alberta provincial by-elections and the winners are, surprise, surprise, the Progressive Conservatives. This can only be seen as a big win for Jim Prentice who's unenviable task is to give the impression of clearing out over 40 years of Tory entitlement. Though not winners, the Alberta party and NDP who came in a strong second in two of the ridings so at the least weren’t losers either. The big losers, the Alberta Liberal party and the Wildrose Party.
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Blog back up!

Jason ramblingAfter a server upgrade and migration, Evilness is back up! I hope to return to more regular blogging now that I'm not worried about migrating from the old server to the new one (OK, it's only taken over a year!).
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National day of honour for honouring Stephen Harper?

Canadian PoliticsStephen Harper has announced a National Day of Honour. Supposedly this is to honour those who fought and fell in Afghanistan. From various media reports it appears to be just another opportunity for prime minister Photo Op to appear to support the military without actually doing anything substantive.
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